viernes, 27 de junio de 2008


Epistemoludica is a pedagogical proposal based in the combination of different strategies oriented to recover the natural curiosity and the pleasure to learn. In this way, we understand the concept of “lúdica” like a constituent dimension of the human being that make possible the development of superior learning based on two elements: the intrinsic motivation to learn and the critical attitude to understand the knowledge and the world, in other words, the concept means the possibility to assume the main protagonist role in the educational process like a creative and proactive person.
In the other hand, integral formation represents the possibility that the people build and re – build its own human being and achieve the maximal level of autonomy, social justice sense and professional competence.

The process to make possible the model demands the development of sequential activities aimed to the acquisition, understanding and application of the knowledge. The use of critical experiences oriented to destabilize the student’s cognitive function is the key element to arouse the intrinsic motivation, the power to solve problems, the possibility to observe the fortitude and weakness and the skills to design improvement strategies. To summarize, epistemoludica promotes the advantages to work in constructivist learning environment through the functional integration with cognitive relaxation areas that make possible the creative act.

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